If you take it really seriously, parenthood is the most challenging job you’ll ever have. The hours are long and the pay stinks. It requires the most emotional investment and the greatest patience. And no matter how well you do it, there will always be that nagging little voice in your head wondering, “Should I have handled that differently?” But parenthood is also the most rewarding and important role you’ll ever play. And the good news is that we're all in this together...

Saturday, October 27, 2012


A new iPhone/iPad game called Letterpress is apparently all set to become the latest fad in a slew of word games. It was downloaded 60,000 times on its first day out, according to a recent article by The New YorkTimes. But as the article’s writer was extolling the virtues of this nifty little game, he described the game’s genesis – the creator, Loren Brichter, was waiting for a table at a restaurant with his wife. During the lull, they both took out their smart phones to play word games. WHY AREN’T THESE PEOPLE SIMPLY TALKING TO EACH OTHER? Not to be a luddite, I continue to worry that the more clever we become with technology, inventing a billion little ways to pass the time by teasing the brain (or worse, numbing the mind with drivel), we also are creating not only monumental time sucks and a dependence on technological diversion, but socially acceptable ways to avoid conversation and relating to one another face to face. And when grown-ups repeatedly exhibit this anti-social behavior, what does it say to kids?

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