If you take it really seriously, parenthood is the most challenging job you’ll ever have. The hours are long and the pay stinks. It requires the most emotional investment and the greatest patience. And no matter how well you do it, there will always be that nagging little voice in your head wondering, “Should I have handled that differently?” But parenthood is also the most rewarding and important role you’ll ever play. And the good news is that we're all in this together...

Monday, February 25, 2013


OMG, has there ever been a hipper First Lady than Michelle? But not just surface hip – we’re talking bone-deep “she gets it” chill. Not only does she use the Oscar presentations as a huge opportunity to pitch support for the arts and the critical importance of culture in all our lives, she’s down to dance with Jimmy Fallon as an adorable promo for her “Let’s Move” campaign, which encourages physical activity (with parents joining their kids!) as part of a healthy lifestyle. Check out “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.” I don't quite get the charges that this kind of "every woman" accessibility is inappropriate. Give me someone I can relate to over stiff and proper gravitas any day.

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